Is there some way to add the Windows 10 running time?


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Is there also a Windows 10 running time that you can insert between your sensors? With other words the total time Windows 10 is running. So you can view it in your Sensor status list?

Thanks for the effort.

I found that it's called Up time does HW-info has the same function so you can ad it in your sensor layout?
This information is not available in HWiNFO sensors, it lists only hardware-related information.
Off course, your right but I think it is useful to be able to put the values in a good perspective if you can also place the uptime of windows 10. I'll pass it on to the makers of HW-info and see what they think about it.
Wowwwww ok I didn't know that, but is seems a bit too difficult for me. Too bad it's not already included as standard, it would be ideal. But I also understand the reason.