Latest v4.47-2347 build breaks Shared Memory Support.


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Greetings Martin,

Been a while since I've posted a bug report as everything have been working quite smoothly. Normally I tend to use the latest beta's out of habit knowing they can be bugged but then that's where bug reports come in to help with the process. The Latest final build 'v4.46' available does not exhibit the issue.

Despite Shared Memory Support being enabled and the sensors opened, the SharedMemoryViewer (v1.0.0.0) simply will not report any values as if shared memory support has been turned off. This further has the result of the Rainmeter plugin not being able to fetch data in any form from HWInfo32. I have attached the debug and report file as needed.

If there is anything further I can provide I would be happy to supply it. Thanks!


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Indeed, later HWiNFO Beta versions break compatibility with older Shared Memory. This change will be carried forward (so the stable versions will be the same) and was needed in order to better support some dynamic aspects of sensor monitoring. It's also mentioned in the release notes.
Both Rainmeter plug-in and HWiNFOMonitor have been updated to properly support this change, so if you get the latest versions all should be well.