Trying to import virtual sensor data from Aquasuite into HWINFO via Shared Memory


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I am running HWINFO Pro v7.33-4915 beta and using Shared Memory Support to import data from HWINFO into Aquasuite. This works fine. HWINFO also displays data for my Aquacomputer devices, including a Leakshield. Among other things, HWINFO reports the LKS Pressure and the Pump Pressure. This also works fine. In Aquasuite, I have a virtual sensor set up in their "Playground" that calculates the Pressure Margin of the Leakshield by subtracting the Pump Pressure from the LKS pressure. I am trying to get HWINFO to report this virtual sensor.

Aquasuite has an Automatic Data Export section wherein I can export data to a CSV file, an XML file, or Shared Memory Export. Exporting this virtual sensor data into a CSV file and an XML works fine. I set it up to export the Pressure Margin to Shared Memory Support, hoping that this would make it show up in HWINFO. It didn't. I also ran HWINFO Shared Memory Viewer but the data does not show up there either. Then I thought maybe I need to add a custom sensor in HWINFO. I read the procedure for doing this, which requires that the data be placed in the registry so HWINFO can get to it. I don't know if Aquasuite writes sensor data to the registry. I found entries for Aquasuite but nothing that looks like sensor data.

I suspect that using a custom sensor may not be possible, or not the best way to do this. Getting the data from this virtual sensor into HWINFO via Shared Memory seems like the solution, but I am stuck. Pressure Margin is just the difference between LKS Pressure and Pump Pressure, both of which are already reported by HWINFO. I don't think HWINFO supports subtracting one data value from another. If it does. this would also work. Any insights are appreciated.

I haven't examined the Shared Memory support in Aquasuite but I believe this is their own way of exporting data. HWiNFO has its own Shared Memory feature but this is something different and both functions are not interconnected. So data exported by Aquasuite via Shared Memory are not consumed by HWiNFO, it reads sensor data straight from hardware.
If your virtual sensor is based on data already reported by HWiNFO, then the Custom Sensor would be the way to go. You just need to setup the formula properly in registry according to input values shown by HWiNFO.
Hi Martin,

Thanks for your prompt response. This is what I suspected. I had never noticed that AQS has an option to export to "Shared Memory" so when I saw this I thought maybe it would do what I described in my post. Their documentation of this feature is quite vague. In AQS it says "Export data as XML content in a shared memory file". In their manuals, it says the data is saved in the RAM "memory mapped file". That's it. I also posted this question on the Aquacomputer forum so maybe they will respond with a more complete explanation of where the data actually goes. I suspect that this is not going to work out so I will try making a Custom Sensor in HWINFO and set up the subtraction in the registry. Thanks again.

Edit to add - While playing around with this some more I noticed that HWINFO reports all of the soft sensors for my Octo and D5 Next, but it does not report any soft sensors for my High Flow Next, Farbwerk 360, or Leakshield. The soft sensors are assigned to things so there is data. The Leakshield has 12 soft sensors, High Flow Next has 8, Farkwerk360 has 16, but none of these soft sensors shows up in HWINFO. Is this a problem on my end or are you not polling all of these soft sensors? If you aren't, can they be added?
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HWiNFO doesn't support soft sensors for some devices as these are often just duplicates of existing values and don't represent real values directly read from hardware.
You should be able to achieve the same using the custom user sensors.
Soft sensors are assignable to lots of things in Aquasuite, including sensors reporting real values from hardware, or virtual sensors that could be based on any number of things. The Pressure Margin I am trying to get into HWINFO is the difference between Pump Pressure and LKS pressure so it's a calculated value (in mbar). Someone on the Aquacomputer forum suggested that I assign a device soft sensor to this virtual sensor because HWINFO will report the soft sensor. I set out to do that which is when I realized that HWINFO reports soft sensors for some Aquacomputer devices but not others. I also discovered that in AQS, the ability to assign a soft sensor to a virtual sensor is dependent on the units that the virtual sensor output is set to. To me, this is a strange and unexpected limitation that I will ask about on their forum.

I have found a way to do what I want to do by changing the units of the virtual sensor to °C then changing it back to mbar in HWINFO. That said, I hope you will consider adding soft sensor reporting for all Aquacomputer devices that HWINFO supports. The AQS program is quite flexible (though with some unexpected units-based constraints) so I would hesitate to make assumptions about what the soft sensors may be reporting. If this is reasonably easy to do, please consider it.

Thanks for your help.