LCD Smartie plug-in for HWiNFO


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ok, I'm doing some test, but I don't understand how to create hwinfo_sensors.txt. I start HWInfo, and now I have CPU Temp in the tray bar, and I start LCD Smartie, but any file is created in the plugin folder. Where am I wrong?

I try to use this command on the LCD Smartie panel: $dll(hwinfo,1,1,)

But I receive the message on the display: "DLL: can not load plugin"


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Please, read MSDN answer :

Search Path Used by Windows to Locate a DLL

With both implicit and explicit linking, Windows first searches for "known DLLs", such as Kernel32.dll and User32.dll. Windows then searches for the DLLs in the following sequence:

   The directory where the executable module for the current process is located.

   The current directory.

   The Windows system directory. The GetSystemDirectory function retrieves the path of this directory.

   The Windows directory. The GetWindowsDirectory function retrieves the path of this directory.

   The directories listed in the PATH environment variable.


   The LIBPATH environment variable is not used.


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For a few days there have been difficulties with my Antivirus-Program. The file DNBridge.dll which I use in the folder of LCDSmartie is detected as a Backdoor-Trojan.
Can I ignore this? I checked the file online and there are several online-scanners which marks the DLL as corrupt.

Thank you for your comment!


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Thought I'd use my lcd display in my brothers machine as I haven't used it for a long time.

Got it all installed, put the required files into the plugins folder and started hwinfo64 but no sensor txt file is created.

Using Windows 10, tried some ancient versions of hwinfo and running as admin,win 7 compatibility mode but no luck.

Is there any way to get lcd smartie and hwinfo working together on newer
versions of Windows?



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I've been using LCD Smartie with Speedfan for years and have switched to HWInfo64. The problem that I am having is that the shared memory is not working in Windows 10. When I load a temp sensor into LCD Smartie I get an error:

"HWInfo not running or Shared mem disabled"

I have checked the shared memory box in the program. Is there something in Windows 10 that could be blocking this feature? If so, is there a workaround?