Monitoring and displaying coolant temp in a way that DOESNT conflict with my Corsair Commander Pro?


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So I am aware to some degree that the two softwares conflict. I use the Commander Pro to monitor my coolant temp and ramp fans accordingly. This way my machine isn't a jet engine 24/7. However, I'd also like to display my coolant temp and other system info in a secondary screen via Rainmeter. Is there a configuration that would allow both without conflict? I would even be open to using a second thermal probe in the coolant with a secondary device so that iCue can do its thing and HWINFO can do its own thing without needing to poll the commander for temperatures. Any suggestions on any compatible devices would be much appreciated. Also open to self built devices provided there's an open source guide.
Scratch that. I'm a dummy. There's a t-probe header dead center of my motherboard! So with a second probe in my res I'll be able to use both programs (with monitoring of the corsair sensors disabled in HWINFO of course :P ).