MSI B450M - Unable to show BCLK fluctuation


HWiNFO 6.10 latest beta
Windows 10 amd64
Ryzen 5 2600x
MSI B450M Mortar

The bus clock is being shown as 100.0 MHz all the time. Which means:

Current: 100.0 MHz
Minimum: 100.0 MHz
Maximum: 100.0 MHz
Average: 100.0 MHz

Whereas in CPU-Z Bus Speed can be seen fluctuating from 96 to 99.99 MHz.
BCLK doesn't fluctuate so much during runtime unless explicitly changed.
If you see such a large difference, then it's because of measurement error.
I'm currently working on a new method of measuring BCLK on some Ryzen systems, that will be even more stable and accurate.