Nonsense min and max CPU core temperature values on system tray icons

To get notifications about Beta versions back you'll either need to do a Reset Preferences or modify the HWiNFO64.INI file and remove the "AutoUpdateBetaDisable=1" line.
So should I be seeing something else if I hit the "Check for Updates" button?
All that happens for me is that a window briefly pops up saying no updates are available.
Thanks for the info about generating the debug file.
Sorry then, you obviously on the latest nonBeta and already checked the dont notify for beta perhaps. You need to do what Martin said.


@Martin if I do a "Reset Preferences" do I loose any sensors window adjustments? Like order, colors, alarms... etc
Thanks both!
I've now edited the ini file to enable beta updates and disable debug mode.
I've tried attaching the debug file but it says it's too big to attach!
Actually, no problem, 7-ZIP did an amazing compression job on it!


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Thanks, I'm analyzing this. Are clock of both CPUs shown in the sensors window?
No, the clocks are missing from CPU#1. :(

Screenshot 29.jpg

This is from XP, but in Windows 10 it's exactly the same.
That's great to hear Martin!
I guess you probably don't get much feedback from people with dual processor machines.
I do and I also have a dual Xeon machine, but this issue concerns only older CPU generations.
Ah, right!
My machine was built mainly from second hand parts.
The processors were picked up used pretty cheaply considering that they were over a thousand dollars each when they were new!
The motherboard is from about 2009, and I was very lucky to pick up two unused ones pretty cheaply too.
FYI - the mentioned fix in Beta build was just released:
Thanks, but where do I download it?
I'm being offerered it if I check for updates, but if I click on the Update option, nothing happens.
If I go to the changelog on the website and click on the link for it, it just goes to the normal download page for version 7.00.
Ah thank you!
I didn't realize or notice that the beta was only available as a portable version.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks, Dave.
Hi Martin.
I've tested this new version for a while now, and everything seems fine, thanks very much.
The clocks are being displayed correctly now for my second processor.

Just a couple of suggestions.
I assume that the sensor labelled "Core Temperatures" shows the average of the readings from all the cores, and seems to work fine, but perhaps its label could make that clearer, say call it "Average Core Temperature"?
Also, the pop-up on the System Tray icon does not tell you which processor that icon is monitoring. I've got used to the W83793 sensor options being labelled "CPU1" and "CPU2" and quite miss that. I'm not quite sure you you would implement it though.

The min and max temperatures stay correct on the DTS sensors BTW, but on the W83793 sensors they still go to rubbish after the system has been running for a while.
I guess that's nothing to really worry about now as there are alternative sensors to use!

My only other question is about Windows 98(!)
Of course the OS can only see Core0 of CPU#0, but that's all that HWiNFO can see as well. I assume that's intrinsic.
It does mean that I can't check on CPU#1 when I'm in Windows 98 except by still using the W83793 sensors, both of which still work.
I guess they don't need support from the OS to see the data?
Of course there's little point in monitoring CPU#1 if it's not being used, but I just thought I'd ask!

Thanks very much for everything you've done, and so quickly!
Cheers, Dave.
Check the tooltip when you hover cursor over the item about meaning of the "Core Temperatures" node. It's not only the average value.

Windows 98 doesn't support multi-processor systems. To read per-core DTS values this is required. The W83793 is different as it reads the temperatures using a different method independent of multi-processor support.
Thanks, I thought that would be the case with Windows 98, but just thought I'd ask!

I've looked at the tooltip, but I'm not immediately sure what's meant by "aggregated values".
Aggregated values of what?