Nonsense min and max CPU core temperature values on system tray icons

Under just the "Core Temperatures" section, or all the temperatures in the DTS section?
If the former, isn't that just the average temperature of the cores?
Is the "node" the whole DTS section?
Sorry to be a bit thick here!
Sorry, can I just clarify this.
The info tip says that the core temperature values are aggregated into one value, but it's not a "run-time average".
Does that mean that it's an average value of all the core temperatures for the processor since the start of that session, rather than a real time "live" average of the temperatures as they are at any given point?
Having thought about it over the weekend, that's how I would interpret it, but I'm still not sure!
Sorry, the description is probably not quite clear. It means it's not an all-time running average, but actual average (instant) of temperatures belonging into that node.
Ah, so the opposite of what I thought "run-time average" meant! D'oh! :D
So it is an average, the "live" temperatures of all four cores (in my case) added up and divided by four?
That's what I understand an aggregate to be in this context.
Exactly :) Sum of current core temperatures / number of temperatures.
Those headers were introduced to reduce the amount of data on screen, so I believe that if users are not interested in all core temperatures (especially on high-core systems) then showing a header with the average of all cores is useful.
It certainly is useful, it's exactly what I wanted, as the only way to get a single overall temperature before for each processor was to use the "CPU1" and "CPU2" options in the W83793 section, which from what HWiNFO says about them, are very possibly not actually average temperatures at all, but an overall hardware chip temperature of some sort.
They do seem to agree pretty much with what your new DTS average temperature options show though, and the overall temperatures recorded by Speccy, where it is stated to be an average.
Anyway, thank you very much indeed for everything that you've done!