Only ond HDD temp!

DJ Tucker

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I only have 1 hdd temp and that's coming from my 128gb sandisk x110 ssd. however my Toshiba 1tb hdd temp is not being recognised, only the drive warning and failure is?
Please attach a HWiNFO Report File, or a screenshot of the main window / drive information where it shows S.M.A.R.T. details.

As you can see the smart data only shows the ssd not the Toshiba hdd. but if I disable the ssd smart data the Toshiba will show up?
Sorry, I meant a screenshot of the main HWiNFO window. In case you're using Sensor-only mode, you'll need to deactivate it in order to reach the main window with hardware details.

Finally I got the right screen. forgot I disabled the main window from showing. anyway anything you can suggest here?
Finally :) Now please scroll down in that list, so complete S.M.A.R.T. information is visible. I need to see whether it reports a temperature.
OK, then the problem must be in the sensors window.
On the first screenshot I see you have a lot of sensors hidden. Is it possible that you have accidentally hidden that disk sensor? Please check in the sensor settings.
If nothing will help, you might try to click "Restore Original Order" in the Layout tab of sensor settings.
Ok I found the sensor but it was named completely different to the HDD model number. anyway thanks for helping martin and fantastic work on hwinfo :)