OSD not displaying for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)


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HWiNFO64 v7.06-4500
RTSS v7.3.2.24797 Beta 2

i'd like to look at cpu temp info in Modern Warfare 2019. it is a relatively new game, i'd swear OSD worked at one time in this particular game. do i need to buy the Pro version of HWiNFO64 ? fine by me if that's what i gotta do.

switching OSD support to ON
checks in "Show value in OSD"
made a new entry in the applist of RTSS for modernwarfare.exe
made a lame attempt at searching these forums for relevant information - nogo


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Is no OSD data showing in that game (neither RTSS own statistics like frame counter) or only HWiNFO data isn't displayed there?


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For CoD: Modern Warfare 2019, no OSD data is displayed on screen. Flipped RTSS "Show own statistics" to ON, which usually gives me a FPS number, but that's not showing now.

The data is all there in the log file, just can't see it in real-time with the OSD.

The "Sister" game to CoD: Modern Warfare 2019 is a game called "CoD: Black Ops - Cold War". If I run that game under its profile in RTSS, it displays all relevant cpu and gpu data including temps on screen. OSD is working with the "Black Ops - Cold War" game perfectly.

I'm gonna try to copy the BOCW RTSS "Game Profile" and rename it to Modern Warfare. That's what I'm gonna "try" to do. Probly an ill-fated attempt.

It's entirely possible I "glitched" something with my installation which is giving me this issue.