PC-Freezes with a shrieking noise on Headphones everytime I try to launch HW-Info


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Good Morning,
For a few weeks now I encountered an issue that my pc freezes as soon as I launch HW-Info. At first I thought maybe some new update caused the issue so I waited for a newer version. However a newer version didnt fix my problem. I dont know if its important ,but I use the version that requires a license. If I can provide any files that might help troubeshoot the issue please let me know.

Thank you in advance
I'm sorry but the attached Debug File is from the next run when you just started HWiNFO to disable Debug Mode, so it doesn't contain data from the crash.
Please create a new Debug File from the problem and attach it before starting HWiNFO again to disable Debug Mode.
Are you perhaps using some other monitoring/tweaking or RGB tool along with HWiNFO? It could be a collision between them.
Try to run without them. Some software might also require stopping their services that run in the background when the main application is not running.