PCH Diode temperature


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HWiNFO is a great app! I hate to sound unappreciative, but it doesn't display PCH Diode temperature in the same way as AIDA64 as shown below.


Does HWiNFO64 show this differently? If so, where and how? BTW, the readings shown is that of a Vostro 3560.

When I first ran HWiNFO64 and selected Sensor window, it showed a warning before the window was displayed about reading a low-level sensor and gave me an option to exclude it. I took the option to exclude, and the application has never given me the option again even after restarting it. Was it referring to the PCH diode?
I don't think that warning was for the PCH diode.
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data so I can check why PCH temperature is not shown there.
I think I've found the problem. Reading of the PCH Thermal Device needs to be enabled under Settings->Safety->[checkbox]. Please confirm if this is the PCH Diode temperature. My DBG file is attached.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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Correction! This is a bug. PCH Temperature only appears within the Sensor status page, when it's divided into 3 or more columns. I was lucky to find it.
Yes, this should be the same PCH temperature as AIDA64 reports.
Try to completely Reset Preferences in HWiNFO, then set the "Enable PCH Thermal Device" option. It should be properly shown in the list then.