Per-monitor DPI scaling issue


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HWiNFO supports DPI scaling, but it does not seem to support per-monitor DPI scaling. I have 2 monitors, one at 150% scaling, the other at 100% scaling. When I drag HWiNFO from one screen to the other, the UI becomes blurry and the text harder to read. This is because Windows is rescaling the bitmap of the application instead of HWiNFO being rendered at the correct scale. See the attached screenshots at full resolution for an example. While it looks OK on my main monitor, you can see the text is blurry on the secondary screen. (compare for example the text in the titlebar with the "General/User Interface" label)

To fix this, HWiNFO should be not only "system DPI aware" but also "Per-Monitor V2 DPI aware". See the microsoft documentation for more info. As you already support DPI scaling, supporting per-monitor scaling could be as easy as marking it as such in the app manifest and handling the WM_DPICHANGED messages.

Thank you for your great work!