Program crash on "flushing buffers" while vmware has a vm running


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First of all, I'm sorry I am unable to provide the required log files.
This said I incurred in this issue :

System : Dell T7820, dual xeon silver, C621 chipset
VRock nvme pci-e setup (sas nvme + u.2 supported ) , + onboard sata to 2 hdds

vmware 15.5.2 running , vm launched
qbittorrent running (but I don't think it matters, it was running other times when I used hwinfo. what was not running at the same time was vmware)

Launched the last stable version of hwinfo, and it got stuck on "flushing buffers".
No way to kill the process, locked.

Vmware side, then, the vm stopped responding, and subsequently vmware crashed.

Tried restarting windows ( windows 10 , 2004 , pro for workstations ), and the restart process hanged with the hdd light solid on. An hard power reset resulted in no data loss, but I'm not keen on replicating it in case i get less lucky.

I think vmware / the vm locked some buffers, the same that hwinfo flushes always on start, and both locked each other to death
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Flushing buffers is a standard operation, so no application should hang while doing this. You can disable this in main settings of HWiNFO ("Flush Buffers on Start" option).
Anyway, I don't recommend running HWiNFO under a virtual machine as the VM can block access to hardware or virtualize the devices, so no application has access to real hardware.