Rainmeter plug-in installation instructions


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Hi, I installed the Rainmeter plugin a while back, and now I wanted to install it on a new build, but somehow I can't find any installation instructions. Googling yields the a bunch of links that point back to this forum (like (https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-Rainmeter-plug-in-for-HWiNFO-3-2)), but clicking on them gets a "requested page could not be found". In fact searching for "rainmeter" on this forum yields a single and not really relevant link.

I am guessing the support for this moved somewhere else, or maybe the plugin has just been dropped, but I can't find any statements to that effect either.

Any help here?

thanks in advance,

I don't think so, will need to check the configuration.. It's a new platform and needs some time to get everything up.
Yes, there are many such with broken links. I haven't found a way how to update all cross-links on the forum automatically and doing this manually would be an overkill.