RAM temperature sensor randomly shows 0°C until restarting HwInfo


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I have the following issue with this hardware config, that HwInfo randomly stops showing the temperatur sensor data of both RAM DIMMs, until you restart HwInfo.

Mainboard: AsRock B650M Pro RS WiFi, Bios 1.28
RAM: G.Skill F5-6000J3238F16GX2-FX5 (2x16GB kit)
HwInfo: 7.60-5170
OS: Windows 11 22h2 22621.2216

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Hmm, most likely some issue with the SPD Hub or a collision with some other monitoring/tweaking/RGB control tool.
Does it happen also when you don't use any other such tools and disable monitoring of all other DIMM values except the temperature?
@Martin I am using MSI AB + RTSS + HwInfo, no other monitor tool which would access the RAM sensors. And it happened while I was playing a game (I have both RAM temperature sensor data showing in RTSS via HwInfo). I dont know if it happened before, this is a new PC I just got a few days ago, and I am still in the process in testing. I played Diablo 4 yesterday for 2 hours and suddenly I noticed the RAM temperature sensor data switched to 0.0°C while being in game. I looked into HwInfo, clicked disable sensor / enable sensor on the DIMM sensors, didnt help. Restarted HwInfo, and the sensor data was back.

I actually installed a AsRock RGB tool (ASRock Polychrome RGB) yesterday, not sure if that had something to do with it. The RAM kit I use dont have RGB.

I noticed these weird driver installations too yesterday:


Not sure what these drivers are or what software installed them, and if it had maybe something to do with the issue. Ive never seen a RAM needs drivers? It also doesnt seem to have installed properly.
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Either of those AURA/RGB control tools can cause such issues. They often collide with other software resulting in wrong readouts or sometimes even more serious issues.
@Martin Damn : / I removed the Asrock RGB tool again. Any way I can remove those weird AURA drivers too and all these HAL, AIO, RGB drivers, I guess they were also installed by the Asrock tool. I looked into Windows device manager, but I cant find any of these devices in there even when clicking show hidden devices.
Not sure, if the Uninstaller for ASRock RBG doesn't remove them you might look in the Installed Apps control panel, services or directly in Program Files folder.