RTSS OSD Column Selection - Bug or Normal Behavior?

I'm trying to align GPU Core Load (the only one on the line) with other sensors on the lines below that have way more numbers (commited RAM and allocated VRAM). HWiNFO changes it's position up to column 2, and beyond it nothing changes. Digit alignment limit (10) isn't enough, making the alignment impossible to me. Should HWiNFO change the OSD sensor position beyond column 2 when there's only one sensor on the line? If not, could this be implemented in future versions?

I know I could do this with the overlay plug in from RTSS, but HWiNFO in general is way more practical for simple setups.


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Why don't you assign the GPU Core Load straight to column 3 instead of changing number alignment?
I tried to before, but even at alignment 10, which is the max, it's not enough to align the first digit of the core load with the first digit of the allocated memory on the line right below.

Align 10.png
I guess I couldn't explain properly, but I also tried it, but for some reason my HWiNFO (I suppose) is limiting it up to the 2nd column. If you see the "Col 10" screenshot from the original message of this post, column 10 was selected on HWiNFO but it kept the sensor at column 2.

Column 1 works fine, column 2 works fine, column 3 and beyond doesn't, it keeps the sensor on column 2 regardless of what I select.
OK, I see now what the problem is. Let me try to fix this in the next build.