smartctl can read SMART from drives behind Areca controller. Any chance HWiNFO will?

pclausen said:
Another question, I'm using Aquasuite and HWiNFO together.  It appears that I have to keep the HWiNFO sensor window open in order for the sensor readings that I'm mapping over to Aquasuite to refresh in real time.  Is that the expected behavior?

Yes, that's right - only then sensors are scanned and read by Aquasuite. You can minimize the sensors window to tray.
My friend tested the new version and it now shows each raid set as a node.

About the only issue he's having, is that under Sensors, the raid set stats are not showing up.  I don't have that issue in my 1882 controllers.

I'll see if I can get a DBG file from him.

EDIT.  DBG file attached.



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What exact stats are not showing - the SMART status of individual drives or status of the entire RAID array ? Or are there only some disks missing ?
RAID array status is currently not available - I don't know how to read it out yet. But I have sent a request for this information to Areca, we'll see if I get a response.
On the 1880, the raid set stats shown in the highlighted portion of the attached screenshot, does not show.



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Ah, those values are reported by the operating system, more precisely drivers. So check if there's a difference in (driver) installation between both systems. I never installed Areca RAIDs, so I can't help more with this.
Ah that makes sense. I'm running Windows 10 and my friend is running Server 2012. The drivers on the Windows 10 platform are much newer.
Good news :) I think I found the rest of commands required to query RAID set info, etc.
Going to implement it now ;)
Looks great!

One thing I'm noticing with this version, if I minimize the sensor window, all (HWiNFO) windows minimize and I don't see a way to bring them back. I still see it running under Background processes in Task Manager.
When HWiNFO minimizes, it creates an icon in tray. Using this icon you can bring back just parts or all screens back.

So regarding the Areca support, is everything OK now ?
Doh, not sure how I missed that. Yep, works fine.

From my perspective, everything looks great now. My front with the 1880 is having some issues with this latest version. He stated the following:

--- cut ---
This version is very buggy for me. When I ran it again, it showed the IPMI. Then I waited on it do to a sensor refresh and it did not. Then I closed Sensors and it crashed. I was able to repeat that twice.
--- cut ---

I'll have him send me a DBG file.
It would be great if you also could attach new Debug Files. I need to see the internal structures for RAID Array infos. Might be useful for future.

If your friend has problems with IPMI (which are quite common on some boards), tell him to disable "EC Support" in HWiNFO and see if that helps.
Here is my friends DBG file.  He said it crashed while running to create the file, so hopefully there will be some useful info in it.  I'll have him disable EC Support.


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My friend is still getting crashes even after disabling EC Support. Hopefully his DBG file will provide some insight.
Your friend's DBG file shows a crash during reading of Areca packets.
Are the crashes he experiences application (HWiNFO) or system crashes ?
Is the problem only with this latest build ?
Perhaps attaching 1 or 2 more DBG files of crash could at least tell me if it happens on random places, or it's consistent.
Latest version works great for me Martin.  DBG file attached.

I'll let you know about any feedback my friend provides.


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