too small char in MHz best way change to GHz

i using aida32 i wish to  change to hwinfo
but i see big problem in hwinfo

there are too small chars in MHz
aida use better way GHz, less chars & bigger 
same problem many others free memory 2000 equal to 2



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Which ones do you mean, the per-core bars in the summary window ? It's just for illustration, if you want to get more precise numbers, you can get them in the sensors window and you can display them in graphs.
I see, you're right it's difficult to recognize.
I will put this at the top of my to-do list.
one more thing updates looks too fast & too many changes
aida using better/inteligent method of updates

in hwinfo MHz much frequently jumping its a little useless

hwinfo should be two methods of updates:
- real time
- averaged/fixed value in time
ex. last 5 seconds was 2200 most time, then i see no jumping, only that 2200
You can change the refresh interval, default is 2 seconds. If you wish to see average numbers only, you can hide the other columns.
Average values in tray is on my list as well, but not averaging during a custom period.
in tray i see same numbers, like previous

idlike to see different, best test are 5 seconds with interval 0.5s in 10 tests
this test tell me what is most used GHz
1. 0,5 / 2. 1,1 / 3. 1,1 / 4. 1,1 / 5. 2,2
6. 2,2 / 7. 2,2 / 8. 2,2 / 9. 1,1 / 10. 1,1

procesor have steps 3 550, 1100, 2200 (my adjustments with k10stat)

(550+1100+1100+2200*4+1100*2)/10=1485 nearest  is 1100  then i see in tray number 1,1
i understand its may be as fake number for someone, but we are people we dont so fast like computers
similar alrgoritm use aida

1. 290MB free memory, hwinfo after divided = 0, in aida =0.3
with hwinfo division, removing aida32

2. numbers with dots are smaller in aida same size
maybe better smaller letter spacing
You probably forgot initially to enable the new options. I cannot reproduce the problem with division (290 / 1000 = 0), is this still happening?
Averaging using a custom period has not (yet) been implemented.
1. aida 0.5 looks bigger, but procesor usage in hwinfo looks bigger
2. in percent usage of processor its useless decimal, dont care is this 8% or 8.5% procesor usage
3. yes all time 0 but memory 200-300MB free


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Ah, I know why - try to set the number of decimal digits to 1 for memory usage. I'll fix this in the next build, so you don't need to change that setting and in case you use 0 digits + divide by 1000, it will always display 1 decimal digit in tray.
You can adjust the number of decimal digits for any value to whatever you desire.
i dont see that option... ok i found section custom
looks now much better & will use all time



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Here's just another build:
This adds the ability to specify a custom period for calculating average values. Note, that the period is not specified in time units, but in number of update cycles. Average values are then calculated from the last N values read.
Please let me know how it works...
1. its ok, but wish to see not real average, my average, one of: 550/1100/2200
2. when i set 500 & 10times, looks ok, but other values too frequently jumping, lack option: "show averange for all"
3. show in tray:
- average value
- average in your hardware steps (my favorite)
- real time value