[Usage help][Windows 98] I don't have a mouse... at all, and I just need to find a way to save a report.

Like I said, this is on a windows 98, I don't have a ps/2 mouse, I'm not in the business of burning money on a mouse or an adapter that'll only be used once.

All I need is to save the hardware info of this machine to a file so I can retrieve the info later from my main computer.

I'm currently on the screen that lets me view all the hardware with the collapsible menus, I can use the arrow keys to go up and down within the menu, and pressing the tab key doesn't move the cursor to the top options like I thought it would.

I've tried different combinations like shift tab, alt tab, turning the num lock off and using the keypad, etc. Maybe there's a way to get the cursor to "Save Report" that I just don't know about. Anyone have any ideas or knowledge they would like to share?

EDIT: I've discovered hitting the alt key alone can move the cursor to the bar with [programs, report, benchmarks, etc.]

EDIT 2: Okay I've created a log file but is there a format that I can open again with HWiNFO?
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I believe UltraVNC supports windows 98. So as long you have internet connection you can remotely control your old 98 machine with your main computer.