Vcore does not match VR Out real voltage

Hi, Not a fault of the program however My motherboard Asus ROG Strix Z690 Gaming A V core reading embedded sensor is too high and it does not show the real Vout reading as the AsusOC tool does when selecting RAW VRM in the AsusOC tool.

Could you add the RAW VRM protocol support for these boards or could you also add a negative offset to values in customise values as I only see + I do not see anywhere you can set a custom - value for some reason.

As you can see from the screenshot Vcore and Vout are quite a bit apart, Vout is the real Vcore


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    Screenshot 2023-11-04 221432.png
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Well, accessing VRMs on ASUS mainboards is quite peculiar and it might cause issues especially when there would be another monitoring application running.
But let me check if there could be an alternate less painful and dangerous method...
VRM voltage (VOUT) will be added in the next build of HWiNFO. This will be shown under the ASUS EC sensor.
Hi again Martin,

Just to let you know it works! I have attached a quick screenshot showing the differences compared to Embedded Asus monitoring.


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    Screenshot 2023-11-06 184826.png
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The only thing I did notice just now is the minimus dropping quite low sort of in the 0.1 range however I am not sure if this is normal with real Vrm readings, Thanks again Martin.


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