Vcore reading on MSI X99S GAMING 7


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i have a MSI X99S GAMING 7 (Bios H.A0) motherboard and a i7-5930K with Vcore in BIOS (Vid) = 1,25V.
When I launch HWinfo (or HWMonitor or Aida64...), the read Vcore value is completely false.

My reported Vcore vid's are 1,25V, so that's correct.
But Vcore values are :
0,192V at idle
0,136V under full CPU load (Prime 95)

Is there an issue with MSI Motherboards and HWInfo readings of Vcore ?

Thank you.
You mean a screenshot of HWinfo64 showing Vcore value in motherboard section of Hwinfo64 at idle and load ?
This is screenshot HWinfo64 at idle showing motherboard infos :

This is screenshot HWinfo64 at full load showing motherboard infos :
This is screenshot HWinfo64 at idle showing motherboard infos  :

This is screenshot HWinfo64 at full load showing motherboard infos  :

AS you cans see, Vcore reported values are completely false.
Ok  thank you very much.
My target is to know my real Vcore under full load.
I would like to be sure that it doesn't exceed 1,3V with a Vid=1,25V.

Waiting for your prompt help and feedback.

PS : I have flashed my BIOS with the same version H.A0 (in order to keep the same overclock capability) and the issue is still here.
Vcore~=0,2V? Wrong. The minimum supply voltage for CMOS circuits is approximately equal to 0,6V - 0,7V or transistors can not switch from a state of low conductivity of the channel (closed) in the state of significant wild channel conductance (open), and will operate as an amplifier, and that while its form and the output signal range will be heavily distorted can not guarantee the looking. :)
if i use command center (It is a MSI tool), there is a graph showing a constant line at 1, idle and load...
This is impossible, otherwise my CPU would heat a lot and it doesn't.

As Aida64, Hwinfo, Speedfan shows the same stuck Vcore, it is related to MIS BIOS or whatever.

Could you please check with MSI as you said ?

Thank you in advance.
This is a screenshot of MSI command ceneter :

As you can see, Vcore is 1,246V.
Under full load, this is the same value.

Reminder : Vcore set in BIOS (Vid) = 1,25V

I am afraid that this value shown in command center is Vid and not vcore....

Or could it be that even at full load, I have Vcore=Vid...I can't believe it....
HWiNFO can show Vcore only if the mainboard is capable to monitor it. The current Vcore value you see is according to information I got from MSI in the past.
I have asked them about your issue, but haven't got a response yet.
Thank you.
I am really impatient to get a solution because µi really need to monitor and know Vcore under full load.
But I am pretty sure it is below 1,3V (With a Vcore set in Bios at 1,25V). Otherwise, that would mean more than 50mV droop under load, which is crazy according to me.
Please, look also at this HWMonitor screenshot :

Vcore=0.960V (My Set Vcore in Bios is still 1.25V)

Aida 64 and Speedfan report also this "0.960V", which is still a bad reported value.

I wanted to mention it because it is different from the 0.184V of HWiNFO64 reported Vcore value
That is not the correct value probably due to the lack of support of your mainboard in those tools. That Vcore you see there is multiplied by 2 the VCCIN value.
VIN7 on the HWMonitor screenshot corresponds to Vcore reported by HWiNFO. Which is quite off anyway.
Does VIN5 in HWMonitor perhaps change when idle / load ?
VIN5  stays at the same value at full load (Value at full load = Value at idle)
But, maybe this is the read Vcore value.
Because according to what I posted above with canucks link and a lot of disucssions on, it semmms that Vcore load has roughmy the same value as Vcore Bios (vid)

MSI doesn't answer ?
Maybe VIN5 is Real Vcore ?

Maybe those infos on HWMonitor will help.
Forget VIN5 as potential Vcore reporting value..
I have set Vcore bios (vid) = 1,23V to test and the values are the same than with Vid=1,25V

This would be interesting to know also which Vcore is reported in MSI Command Center (The same screenshot as the one i posted yesterday with vid=1,25V)

Is the Vcore in command center the Vcore read value or Vid ?
Hm, that's interesting. So with 1.23V and 1.25V MSI always reports the same Vcore value (1.246V) ?
Check the VID with HWiNFO and you should know whether MSI reports VID instead of Vcore...
No, MSI Command Center reports the same value as I set in BIOS.
Question is of course:
Is the reported value by Command Center is Vid or read Vcore load ?

If I set 1,23V in Bios as Vid :

at Idle :
HWINFO64 shows Vid between 1.227V and 1.231V depending on the core.
MSI Command center shows 1,232V (The purple curve of the screenshot above in comman Center)

at Full load :
HWINFO64 shows the same Vid values as idle
MSI Command center shows also 1,232V (The purple curve of the screenshot above in comman Center), the szme value at idle..But it doesn't mean it is not the read Vcore load, as maybe, as explained above, my Vcore doesn't change between idle and full load....