Virtualization on AMD 1950X causing incorrect Bus speed reading


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So, after installing Windows 10 1903, but before turning off virtualization in the OS, I noticed the bus speed was being read incorrectly resulting in a CPU frequency around 80MHz lower than the set speed on my AMD Threadripper 1950X, which may mean other AMD CPUs could be afflicted.

After some fiddling, I turned off SVM in the bios, thereby turning off CPU virtualization, then used your software and the frequency of the CPU and bus speed were read correctly. This same issue was seen in the behavior of CPU-Z.

I do not know if this is an OS issue or if this is an issue with the software itself, but wanted to raise it to your attention in the event that it is something for you to address.
Thanks for your feedback.
I'm aware of this issue, it's causing some timers to report a wrong clock when virtualization is enabled in the OS.
Unfortunately there's no workaround for this.