Warning: Remaining Life


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Hello, It recently happened that the temperature of my CPU spiked at 91 degrees celsius, literally the highest temperature that I ever registered on my PC. Since then a new line displaying "Warning - Remaining Life 9" appeared under my CPU section in HWinfo. Today the number 9 dropped to 8 but HWinfo didn't register any temperature above 72 degrees. Can someone explain to me what exactly is happening?
This warning most likely belongs to the disk drive, but because you're using a custom sensor order it's not shown under the respective disk sensor.
You might check further drive details in the main HWiNFO screen or test the drive using manufacturer's tool. I'd also strongly recommend to perform a data backup.
Thanks for the reply, I've checked and it seems like my SSD is having some problems. Is there something I can do or should I just give up and change it?Cattura.PNG
I already advised above what to do. First check the status in more detail and perform a backup.