What is V1 in hwinfo64 on asus z97 pro wifi ac?


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I've noticed in hwinfo64 in the sensors page is V1 and it looks to be one of my vcore settings because it is the only sensor that drops to like ~ .8 volts at idle and way over my set vcore at load. For example my vcore in bios is set at manual static voltage of 1.261, and on the core sensors it goes to 1.28 which is fine because my mobo overvolts a tiny bit. but on this V1 sensor it goes up from .8 idle to 1.36 Vcore.

All c-states and speedstep are disabled.

Asus z97 pro wifi ac motherboard

In the Asus EC: Aii section of hwinfo64 is where I find the V1 sensor.

Im just concerned of that sensor because I can do 4.9ghz stable on my haswell at 1.315vcore the cores go up to 1.344 but this v1 sensor says over 1.4 volts at this setting.
V1 is an unrecognized voltage, only ASUS knows what it is. You should see additional Vcore0-3 values on your mainboard under the Nuvoton sensor.