7.42 update causes iCUE fans to flash off/on every 2-4 seconds

I was searching for reasons why this symptom was occurring and landed on this thread. I have the same issue and it is HWinfo but I am using 7.46-5110
It wont go away, seems its more a Corsair issue best thing to do is just disable the monitoring on the AIO.
H170I elite Capellix and Commander Core XT,
icue software v5.3.102
HWiNFO64 v7.51-5165
windows 11 pro v10.0.22621 build 22621

Running HWInfo causes loss of fan control and LEDs to dim/turn off.
Latest stable hwinfo causes LEDs to flash white and loss of fan control.

I then have to quit hwinfo and restart icue.

Using the beta version stated I have to disable corsair support and then I don't have the problem.