A question about SATA ports info


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Hello, I just started using the software and even tho it provides a ton of information that I couldn't find anywhere else, I have a couple of questions regarding the HDD/SSD Drives & Motherboard's SATA ports. I downloaded the app to check if my laptop (HP dv8 1110ea @ Early 2010) supports SATA 3Gbps (Sata II) so I can buy some SSD/HDD.
When i check the big window with the Tree Menus, I can see under Motherboard that it has various ports Sata 0 - 1 -2 -3 etc and under Disks i can see my HDD saying Interface Sata 3Gbps & in the smallest window (the separate one with CPU/RAM info) in the Disk List i can again see my HDD Name with a green dot and saying Sata 3Gbps but I am not sure if these infos refer to the capability of the HDD (which i know it supports up to 3gbps, since it's a 2010 WD Black) or it's the actual interface that it uses and my motherboard supports up to 3gbps.

The information in the System Summary window or under Drives in the main window determines the capability of the drive.
For information about SATA controller capability it's best to check the particular SATA controller under the Bus leaf in the main tree.