Aquacomputer Aquasuite update to X.45 - HWINFO not reporting Octo data


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Hi Martin. I just updated Aquasuite to X.45 (insider version). This update included firmware updates for the Octo and Quadro fan controllers and Farbwerk360 RGB controllers (and maybe other items that I do not have). Sebastian at Aquacomputer made a posted HERE that the Octo and Quadro have "major changes in the data structures" and that HWINFO will require an update. Now HWINFO v7.13-4600 is only reporting Flow from my Octo. No fan speeds and no temp sensor data. I am still getting temp sensor data from my Farbwerk360. Can you please look into this? Please advise if I need to post a debug file or anything else that may be helpful. Thanks!

PS - Apologies if this post is not in the right section. This is not a "bug", and while Aquasuite is a 3rd party app, its really not an extension, plug-in, or gadget.
I have already implemented support of the new firmware, you can try this intermediate build until next public Beta will be released:
Thank you Martin. It seems to be working perfectly. You are DA MAN! I also posted about this on the Aquacomputer forum. There are others reporting the same thing over there so I will post a link to this thread as I suspect a lot of Aquasuite users that use HWINFO shared memory support are updating Aquasuite to X.45.