aquacomputer "octo" support


I was very happy to see HWiNFO support the aquacomputer quadro. Aquacomputer has now released a variant of this fan controller called "octo". I already own one and I wonder if it would be possible to add support for this device too?
Unfortunately we don't have any information about this model yet. I'm not sure if Aquacomputer would be will to share the USB packet layout details for this device.
I also checked this thread:
.. and it seems aquacomputer dont have a SDK for their devices atm, but if you are willing to get it to work like with the "quadro", I would be glad to help.
I'm afraid without help from Aquacomputer I'm unable to do that.
It would be great if you (as their customer) could check with their support if they are willing to disclose this information.
The next build of HWiNFO will add preliminary support of the Octo controller ;)