Are custom fan speeds possible?


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I have a Dell Vostro 3560, 6GB RAM, W7, i5 processor with HWinfo running perfectly. However, I know that the laptop's fan can max at 6500RPM, but HWiNFO won't show that speed.
Then I chose to review a bit of the registry information (img1) based on a post I saw here too, and modified the speeds (img2) , but I get an error message (img3) when I go and check the target fan speed.
Is this actually possible?
The reason I want to add the max speed is because, while HWiNFO does an amazing job, the CPU temp sometimes ramps up quite badly during Bluray playback and won't cool down fast enough, resulting in playback stutter and, in the worst case, system shutdown (as some might know the vostro 3560 is NOT known for its amazing refrigerating or ventilating capabilites).
Thank you.


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I'm sorry, it's not possible. HWiNFO offers only those speeds which are allowed by the system firmware. Internally the firmware might allow higher speeds, but externally (other applications) are only allowed what you see in HWiNFO.