asrock z490 phantom gaming itx/tb3 - no Vcore



VCore is not showing. Only VR OUT.
Also the ASROCK Mac-AF896 is duplicated and with different data under VR Out.

I reseted all the values, still Vcore doesn't appear. Tried the normal release and the latest beta.
This is most likely due to an odd name of the mainboard, so HWiNFO cannot properly adjust the sensor values. Do you have an idea why it's called "Mac-AF896" ?
A HWiNFO Debug File would be helpful to check this in more detail.
Yes, most likely.. it's overwriting/virtualizing some hardware parameters, so HWiNFO is unable to properly recognize the system.
Also, looking at this hwinfo under load:
VR out under is lower than Vcore reported.

Then we also have CPU VID on each core which is super high.

What voltages correspond to Sock sense and Die Sense?

siliconlottery uses this sock sense and die sense voltage reading, but on this board I don't know which is which.

Asrock Z490 Gaming ITX/TB3


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VID is the voltage requested by the CPU, but not necessary what it really gets.
Vcore is the voltage sensed, but it might be affected by certain factors, hence be inaccurate.
The VR VOUT is the voltage supplied to the CPU measured by the VRM, so should be the most accurate one.