Asus TUF X570 Pro Wifi SVI2 Core and SoC Power vs Ryzen Master


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Hello, I'm trying to work out a discrepancy between Ryzen Master's power readouts and HWiNFO's. I have a 5600x and the Asus board with the 3402 beta BIOS. Ryzen Master reports 79 W for CPU Power, 12.5 W for SoC, HWiNFO reports 46 W for CPU and 21.9 W for SoC when running OCCT Large. The SoC voltage seems to be similar between the two, 1.05 in RM to 1.03 in HWiNFO. I've attached the debug file and the log. Thanks!


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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  • ryzenTuf570Pro.txt
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Do other values like PPT, TDC, EDC match between HWiNFO / RM ? What is PPT showing during the test?
Hello Martin, PPT, TDC, EDC values match closely, PPT in Ryzen Master is 100% of 105W (I've raised the limit with PBO), TDC is 39% of 160A (62A), EDC is 62% of 190 A (118 A). HWiNFO reports PPT 104.997 W, TDC 62A, EDC 121.3A.
Thanks for the details.
Is is showing that value as "CPU Core Power (SVI2 TFN)" or just "CPU Core Power"?