Can't find mobo PWM values


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Hi Martin.

First of all thanks indeed for developing such a great tool for us.
I have a doubt that its killing me, I can't for the sake of sanity find the PWM values for mobo fan controllers.
Fan RPM is perfectly reported on the 3 onboard controllers (CPU Fan/Opt - CHA Fan1 - CHA Fan2), but what I can't seem to find is the PWM % value.
Actually using an Asus TUF Gaming B550M-Plus (Nuvoton NCT6798D).

Do I have to enable any particular option to see those vales?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Ok Martin, I'm not that blind (or dumb) then.

Thanks for your answer and again for the soft itself!
Hi Martin.

One question I forgot to ask you: Is there any chance you will add those values in future versions or are you leaving them out deliberately?

Regards and thanks in advance!
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There is a certain chance, which also depends on user demand. But I can't guarantee anything now..