Dell XPS 15 9570 Insane Temperatures


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I was gaming(BF1) yesterday and decided to check the internal temperatures because usually the laptop does overheat and throttle so I noticed some very concerning numbers like 100+ degrees Celsius . The Cpu is already undervolted, repasting the Cpu/Gpu did a slight improvement but as you can see not too much. What do the sensors Temp0 and Temp4 mean? Can I trust those values? They should be incorrect right?
I manually set the fans to their maximum respective speed ( 5100 rpm) to keep the laptop as cool as possible while gaming but unfortunately the laptop cooling system isn't able to keep the internals at low temps. I already padded the VRM's with thermal pads because they were reaching 115 degrees before, now rarely above 90.

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Only DELL knows exactly what the various TempX values mean, but they won't disclose it. Temp4-7 seem to be somehow erratic, those sensors might not be working properly.
The other values should be correct and mean your CPU is still overheating and throttling because of that.