Fan's speed 'splashes' sometimes (DELL E7470)


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Hello! I am using HWInfo (6.22v) with my laptop.
The fan is turned off (0 RPM) by default and start work only when temperature is high.
I tried to insatll smallest (that possible) speed (2500 RPM) by default.
Generally it works good - I have stabile (silent) 2500RPM but once/twice per minute my fan's speed suddenly goes up for a moment and then all goes back for normally (2500RPM) speed. I tried to play with settings 'respin period' and 'speed down after' but without succes. Also 'system auto controll 1/2' settings didn't help. Also I tried some different sensors. Looks like laptop try to intercept managing fan speed.

Tell me please how I could try to solve this annoing fan speed splashes :(
There are lot of possible settings combinations - maybe I didn't try some one yet.


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I suppose this is because the default system fan control is taking over, but this is difficult to override as it has always precedence.
Try to enable some of the "Use System Auto Control Method " options if that will help.
Another option might be to use the respin feature, but select some reasonable time, i.e. 500 ms.