Grey "VR OUT" values with Renesas ISL69138


I am new to HWInfo forum anyway I understood there is no official user manual; also my searches in the forum didn't solve my doubt.
I have one of the two VR OUT values reported by Renesas ISL69138 in grey; what does it mean?
Thanks in advance
Grey means HWiNFO is unable to read a valid value from the sensor. Try to put some load on the CPU if that will then start to provide valid values.
I tried to put some load on CPU (Prime95 Smallest FTTs); value stays grey. Sometimes some values are read anyway it's non depended from CPU load.
Also after power off - power on cycle the second instance of Renesas ISL69138 sensor has less fields and Intel PCH zero fields.
Using latest HWiNFO64 v6.42-4360; can I enable some debug?
I'm afraid debug won't help here. The second device is the second loop of the VRM, so it's quite likely this loop is not utilized on the mainboard.
Thanks Martin for super fast and precise feedback
The second device is the second loop of the VRM
That make everything much more understandable. I should probably have guessed myself.
Will lurk around here and investigate further VRM of my mainboard.
Stupid thought... maybe
If any CPU/System/RAM OC is in place try to reverse to stock and see if anything changes.
Stupid thoughts do not exist ...
indeed HWiNFO was running to monitor the system during CPU overclocking; through API (i.e. MSI Dragon Center changing Core Ratio); anyway OC was reversed to stock.
Also a power cycle with UEFI stock values has been performed ... Martin suggestion to deep investigate VRM second loop makes sense.
Suggestion appreciated anyway.
In addition... My past experience with MSI Dragon Center was not good at all. Totally different system though (R5 3600/Gigabyte X570 AorusPro) I had installed it just to turn off RGB on my MSI 5700XT GamingX and gave my all kinds of issues. I literally kicked it out of system once and for all and learned to live with GPU RGB dragon logo on...

The most issue-less way to OC is always through BIOS/UEFI.
Thanks Zach, I do not want to start a conversation on MSI Dragon Center here. As any piece of software it can be useful in specific scenarios; be aware I am not saying it's a fantastic or horrible software.
Feel free to contact me in case.