HW info 64x really slow hwi_750


hi there,

Just recently i wanted to launch HW info 64x on my win10 machine and i get this at startup for ages:


I thought hwi_750.exe was never going to work but as i was typing this message, it eventually opened, just extremely slow, previously it would run fast with the progress bar, etc

Probably like 1 minute stuck there (i just restarted so PC isn't doing much and machine is fast, SSD, etc)

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 22H2
OS build 19045.3086
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0

EDIT: i launched it again and it stuck on progress bar again and again after it loaded after 2 minutes.

Just uninstalled and re-installed and same thing, anybody knows how to fix this?

This might happen when there are some driver updates in progress. Try to make sure all drivers are updated.
everything is up to date, only thing that changed is some asus updates to the control interface. no windows updates whatsoever avail. oh well, it works i just have to wait 2 minutes to load! lol
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File and I'll take a look at why that happens.
OK, interesting, i tested this now

If you select the first option:


it works perfect

if you select the second option:


it works perfect

If you don't select any, it does get stuck, i also tested to select "don't check for updates at startup thing" but same thing.


log attached.....is this the log you wanted? click start.... leave for a little, then stop, get CSV? or there's a main LOG? attached .zip and inside a .csv



  • HWinfo Log Gabrio.zip
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No, sorry I meant the HWiNFO Debug File as per:
Thank you for the files. This seems to be some issue in Windows Device Manager, more precisely the Windows driver database - querying the Windows drivers takes very long time.
I believe the Device Manager should also be very slow in responding to Driver information.
I'd recommend to run some Windows Troubleshooter to check what the problem might be.
hi, not really PC is fast as usual Device Manager opens in 1 second, no issues there. Must be some weird windows thing, oh well, thanks for checking anyway. it will correct itself at some point, don't wanna mess with it!
OK this is bizarre..... out of curiosity i ran the troubleshooter, he suggested "run in compatibility mode for Windows 8", with that setting it opens fast (maybe sliightly slower than before but still ok and no 2 mins wait), then i opened the executable and removed the "windows 8 compatibility" and now works fine.

Windows mysteries as usual :)