HWiNFO 7.02 Sensor List Annoying Without Fixed Order

When I turn fixed order off to remove the sensor grouping arrows from the screen, everytime I remove a sensor from the list, the HWiNFO screen flickers one time, and one empty row is added randomly at the end of other sensors groups, sensor row I hid. Then I have to select these empty rows and hide them also to remove additional spacing. Not a real issue but is annoying to me at least. Hiding sensor with fixed order turned on doesn't make the screen flicker neither any empty row to be added. The test was done after reseting user preferences.


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Try to do it this way:
- With Fixed order go into Sensor settings - Layout and disable Fixed order
- That will leave empty spaces in place of previous headers. Click "Restore Original Order", that should remove them.
It removes, but restoring the original order makes all hidden sensors appear again. Then I hide them again and the various empty rows appears once again.