Max Memory Clock is Much Higher than Current Memory Clock... How can I reach my Max Memory Clock??


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Ahoy there!

I have a DELL Inspiron 15R SE 7520 and a HP Envy DV6-7214NR. Both have 800MHz memory modules (both in 1600MHz dual channel, according to the task manager).

The problem is, HWiNFO says that both my laptops have a maximum memory clock of 1300MHz, but that the current memory clocks are actually 800MHz.

As far as I know the maximum supported frequency for the memory modules in these laptops is 800MHz, resulting in 1600MHz in dual channel.

So my doubt is... is HWiNFO saying that I could overclock my memory modules up to 1300MHz? Or that I could try to install 1300MHz memories modules to push for 2600MHz in dual channel?

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Maximum Memory Clock shown by HWiNFO is the capability of the Memory Controller. The real supported clock can depend on other factors like system design, BIOS.