Sapphire HD7950 VDDC Problem


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Hi Guys, just started to use HWINFO64 v4.16-1900

My problem is that I am getting different readings from hwinfo and gpu-z

VDDC under load in hwinfo is 1250mv and in gpu-z it fluctuates between 1137mv and 1141mv.

I have manually set vddc in trixx to 1181mv.

Can anybody point me in the right direction here of which reading i should trust ?

I have manually set vddc in trixx to 1181mv.

GPU is a Sapphire HD7950 VDDC 11196-00-20G (reference pcb) running in Win 8 Pro X64

This issue has been already discussed a few times.
The VDDC displayed by HWiNFO is actually the voltage the GPU thinks it gets (it's similar to VID for CPU). If you look at the GPU VRM sensors you'll find the actual GPU voltage "GPU VRM Voltage Out" = 1.128 V. There are 2 of these sensors displayed in HWiNFO (as seen on the screenshot) - the 1st is for GPU Core and the 2nd is for GPU Memory and they give you complex information about particular GPU voltage regulators - their input characteristics, output and temperatures.
Hi Martin, thanks for your swift reply... I understand much better now..

Keep up the excellent work..

Regards, Mat
Also please upgrade to the latest Beta build, it should fix the GPU VRM power values.