Show all fans (including stopped or not present) ticked but fans in fan stop not initially shown

Hi, I've an MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk (BIOS version 7C91vAD) with one PWM fan connected to each of its eight fan headers. Six of these fans are always spinning and two sit in fan stop by default. When HWiNFO64 7.46-5110 starts it reports the six connected fans but not the two stopped fans even though the Show all fans (including stopped or not present) option is checked. If these two fans then spin up HWiNFO64 starts reporting them (both in the UX and in log files) and will continue to report 0 RPM for them if they go back into fan stop. If HWiNFO64 is restarted it forgets those two fans and doesn't report them again unless they spin up (they are reported and logged if they're spinning when HWiNFO64 starts).

Is this a known issue with the show all fans setting on Windows 10 22H2? I looked through the report and debug files but they don't seem to mention about connected fans or what fan controller's on the motherboard. It's not a big deal but if I forget to manually pulse the two fans after starting HWiNFO64 then readr::read_csv() emits warnings because the number of columns changes partway through a .csv log file. Plus some fixup needs to be done to propagate fan names from HWiNFO64's bottom .csv header to parsed column names since they're omitted from the top .csv header. The GPU fans also sit in fan stop and are always reported, as expected, even if they never spin up while HWiNFO64 is running.
Doesn't seem to matter what's plugged in where. So far I've reproduced this issue with four different NF-A12x25s and NF-A14s across SYS_FAN1, SYS_FAN3, SYS_FAN4, and SYS_FAN5. There's no issue reporting always spinning fans from SYS_FAN3, SYS_FAN4, and SYS_FAN5. I can fill the rest of the test matrix if necessary but it looks unlikely to be any different.
Thanks for the feedback. I think I know what's wrong here, will try to fix it in the next (Beta) build.
Hi, I missed the beta but can confirm the fix in v7.50. Checking Show all fans in v7.50 also shows Fan8 to Fan15, though, which I guess works but is a little odd as there's only eight fan channels on the board rather than 16.