[Suggestion] Sharing fan information with Ghelper for ASUS Laptop.


Hello Martin,

I have been using HWinfo for several months and I notice that a topic comes up regularly here: Missing fan sensors.

The excellent GHELPER open source software developed by Seerge, displays CPU and GPU fan speeds of ALL popular ASUS laptop models.

Perhaps you could contact Seerge, who should have all the information needed to support fan speeds on HWinfo64 for the Asus laptops?

I'm sure he could help you with that.
He's a great guy. :)

Ghelper link.

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Problem here is that support of ASUS notebooks is not universal but requires per-model dedicated support.
HWiNFO already supports many ASUS notebook models and I'm constantly adding new ones.
I will have a look at that tool and also check to add fan speed monitoring for your model.
Thank you, you are very nice. :p

Maybe there information needed are even already available in the source code.

If not, I'm sure Seerge could help you with that.
He's a great guy too. :)
Would you be able to extract the ACPI DSDT table of the notebook?
You can use the RW-Everything tool or AIDA64 (use the built-in ACPI Browser -> Save DSDT) for that.
Hi :)

Debug file and report file.


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Yeah it's perfect! :D
I have to rename the title, but that's a detail.

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Ah .... When the fans are at 0 RPM, HWinfo64 displays a minimum value but not 0 RPM (?)
The values are frozen at 476RPM and 842 RPM

Thank you very much for taking your time for this.
Have a nice day.
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Thanks for the feedback. Which title did you have to rename?
Please attach a Debug File when the fans reach 0 RPM so I can check how to handle that.
I need to rename: “ASUS NB EC: ASUS ASUS TUF Gaming F17 FX707ZM_TUF707ZM
by “Fans” for example

Another thing, when the fans are at 0RPM and I start HWINFO64 the values are not displayed :

Debug file :


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Hi Martin,

I tested version 7.66, Thanks for that.
There is 1 small bug.

Hwinfo started with CPU and GPU fans: Nothing is displayed (?)

Start Fan CPU and GPU -> The values appear, it's perfect ! :)

Debug file :


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This is standard behavior for all fans where it's not possible to determine whether a fan is currently stopped or not present at all.
To change this, enable the "Show all fans (including stopped or not present)" option in sensor settings.