SVI2 TFN reporting strange values after negative offset


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Hello friends how are you?

After undervolting my 3800x at -0.05, hwinfo is reporting higher voltages on stress tests on the SV12 TFN sensor, on auto the SV12 TFN reports 1.25V on tests, but with negative displacement the voltages go to 1.33, curious is that the vcore voltage reports exactly the value subtracted from the offset I performed in the bios.

I had a 5 degree loss with undervolting and 5% performance boost on cinebench, my goal with undervolt is just to slow the changes down (I'm not interested in overclocking), my gammaxx gte v2 is not handling the characteristics well on my 3800x during the renderings I do in sony vegas.

My motherboard is an Asrock b550m Steel Legend with the latest bios AGESA Combo V2 PI Patch C. Ryzen balanced Windows 10 power plan

Apologies for the text I'm not American


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I published in Portuguese and forgot to translate it into English, I apologize for that, now it's corrected :)