Touchpad freezes on HWiNFO64 launch

Martin said:
Since I'm not sure when/how will Synaptics fix this problem, I made more research and added an enhancement in HWiNFO which I hope might fix this problem. Please try the following build:


and let me know how it works.

This version works perfectly! Both the 32-bit and 64-bit builds launched ten times in a row without any issues whatsoever. Thanks!

Looks like the Synaptics driver version isn't available on their own website yet, which is odd. I wonder where that other site got it from. Well, I guess it isn't necessary now! :D

On another note, I encountered the same touchpad-freeze issue with CPU-Z a little earlier - so I must've been lucky the few times I tried it before!
Thanks for the feedback, this is great news :) I'll keep this change in all further HWiNFO releases.
Yes, CPU-Z has the same issue, we have discussed this with its author and he will probably need to do the same update as I did...