HWINFO ver.6.22-4060, Is EDC available for monitoring (Zen+, X370)?


I have a 2700X on an Asus X370-F (bios v 4012).

I recently updated from 6.20 to the above version number, and after doing so TDC and PPT monitoring became available. Is EDC monitoring supposed to be available as well? I am running portable versions. PBO is disabled. Does PBO need to be enabled to see it?

I tried to do a search, and only found two topics related to EDC, but they seemed to be regarding Zen 2. Thank you.
No, EDC monitoring is not supported on Zen/Zen+ families. I don't even think that Ryzen Master shows it there.
EDC is shown in Ryzen Master for me, 140A limit stock for the 2700X. I do not know if Zen1 used it, but it is used for Zen+ afaik. For many of the workloads, it seems like EDC is the limiter it is running against. For instance, running P95 448k FFT, the chip sits on 99-100% EDC, but the TDC and PPT are only ~83-85%.

Attached a shot of RM with it.


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OK, I think I figured out how to report this value for Zen+ (Pinnacle Ridge). Shall be available in the next build of HWiNFO.
Please try the new v6.23-4110 Beta if EDC reported matches RM.

I gave it a try. At higher, sustained loads they seem to track well together. It is harder for me to tell at low loads. There seemed to be a possible discrepancy there, but I could not tell if it was maybe from the polling intervals, or if RM is using a rolling average (notes showed temp changed to this behavior at some point IIRC).

edit: it looks like TDC is somewhat similar in this regard, although I never bothered to compare them side by side before.
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Thanks for your feedback. I tested this as well and wasn't sure either if the numbers match.
When the load fluctuates and particular polling intervals are different it's quite possible that various tools report slightly different values.