Improvement of support for Corsair H115i RGB Elite


Corsair has recently released a new liquid cooling set, it is based on OEM COOLIT, the set is detected incorrectly as H110IGT, in addition it shows two water sensors of which one of them does not exist, from the fans there are also 3 pieces and one of them also does not exist, The read values are often wrong, the minimum fall to zero, the maximum can jump up to 65535 I would like to add support for this cooling model.



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Problem here is that the device returns values for 2 temperatures and 3 fans and I don't know how to determine which of them is valid...
Regarding the sensor name - have you maybe renamed it? It should be showing something else...
I sent additional screenshots to determine the right spearbooks. Looking at the screen with Hwinfo, the correct indication of the liquid temperature is the sensor called "CPU cooler coolant temperature", the second liquid sensor actually indicates 45 degrees regardless of the state, unless the reading comes to bug, when all values go crazy as in the attached picture.

The fans are real readings "System Fan" and "GPU PUMP", Specjnik Fan3 will appear and disappears from time to time without indicating any reading, apart from the bugs.

The cooling name is factory is Corsair RGB PRO XT, although the program at the beginning set it itself as H110IGT.

Technically cooling is newer than the Cappelix model, but it does not have a Commander controller, USB control is technically solved as in older models such as H115i PRO XT/H115i Platinum

I also have the impression that Hwinfo bites with Icue and causes after some time difficulty in controlling the pump and fans, I know that Icue has hopeless methods of reading sensors, which can lead to failure, but in my old cooling H115i Pro on a pump based on Aset, I succeeded Record, making cooling readings be loose from time to time in Hwinfo, which caused a lack of collision and ICUE.

I hope this information will help.
Thank you


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Corsair software is not compatible with any other software accessing their devices and Corsair doesn't want to fix this (they could easily).
I suspect the odd values you're getting in HWiNFO are due to a conflict between HWiNFO and iCUE. I can see the "GPU Fan" getting out of range as well.
Try to run without iCUE for a while and see what will HWiNFO report.
Turning off Icue does not change anything about the sensors themselves and their names, now there is no fan3 in the picture, but as I said it appears randomly and disappears.

The only difference is the lack of raging values and to be honest I know that Icue causes, the point is that the same problem was once with my older H115i Pro cooling based on the aset pump, but with one version of Hwinfo the problem disappeared and the values stopped going crazy instead of the cooling value he made gray for a few seconds and the monitoring returned, which was guessed by a circumventing that ensuring a lack of collision with the unfortunate Icue.

It would be nice if it was possible to provide a similar bypass from ICUE for this cooling model, and also provide it with improved support thanks to which dead drunks will disappear, and the rest will get the right name.

Thank you


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In the next build I will try to filter out at least majority of the invalid values but that will never work 100% as long as iCUE collides with it (because the results are unpredictable then).
I will also adjust the sensor names.
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Thank you for your help, I hope that I will succeed, I limited Icue's capabilities to a total minimum, getting rid of all unnecessary functions and additives, I would like to limit the frequency of testing sensors, but unfortunately it is not feasible, I don't know if it matters, but I also have The Corsair HX850i power supply with Corsair Link support via ICUE and there are no problems here, despite the ICUE on the power, the monitoring of the power supply in Hwinfo always reports the correct values.

I do not know if I explained well what I meant with the older model H115i Pro, at some moments I support myself with a translator and see that some sentences are quite bad.

Thank you
I think I understood what you meant. Problem is that when iCUE collides with other software the results are unpredictable so it's not possible to reliably filter out all invalid values.
I understand this, I just wonder how it is possible that the power supply transfers to Hwinfo always correct values, despite the fact that Icue also asks the power supply at all times.
I guess that this is about the Corsair Link itself, old cooling models such as H110i even under ICUE control did not make problems in Hwinfo, the problem began with H115i Pro, which is here the communication protocol had to change.

Well, thank you for your time, I will wait until the next Hwinfo release and I will let you know how it works
I tested the latest build, definitely feeling the improvement of the highest values definitely reflect the actual state, only the lowest falls to 0, and this unwashing 3 fan still appears, it is a 280mm model with two 140mm fans, but there is also the H150i RGB Elite model equipped with 360mm radiator And 3 120mm fans, I guess that the control board is identical, and Corsair forgot to turn off this 3rd output. Thank you


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If the problem is collision between iCUE and HWiNFO then it will never be possible to fully workaround this.
I am aware of this, but this third fan probably can be turned off, does it appear completely after Hwinfo control?