Remote monitoring cut off after 12 hours


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I have a malfunctioning pc so I decided to remotely record its voltages and temperatures via HWiNFO. Exactly 12 hours and 5 seconds in, my logging instance popped up a notice saying that shared memory is limited to 12 hours. The remote sensors got greyed out and now it's just logging the same frozen values. The remote host is still up and has been sitting idle all this time. The monitoring connection says it's still 'Connected'.

I have 'shared memory support' disabled (the default), so I don't know why that 12hour notice appeared.
I have checked what little info there is on the website, and it doesn't explicitly state that remote monitoring is also limited to 12 hours; it only mentions a host limit.
Remote sensor monitoring is also based on the Shared Memory feature so the same 12-hour limit applies here.
Ah okay. I sort-of suspected that that was the case. And I see now that enabling server mode silently turns on the shared memory option.
It's fine, I guess. I mainly needed that option because there is no "start logging at startup" option, logging has to be toggled on manually and will not resume on system reboot, whereas remote logging will. I will have to babysit this pc to make sure logging is still turned on.

Tbh I would probably have continued looking for alternative hw monitoring software if I knew there would be this sort of limitation. I checked the comparison and saw that it explicitly was not being called out, so I took the time to set up the software and test it. It might be worthwhile to either add '12 hour limit' to the remote monitoring line, or at least add the '4' footnote marker. Or maybe just merge the two lines, because if anyone's going to set up remote monitoring, especially on multiple PCs, it's probably not a one-off activity.
Apologies for this feature not being clear, I will add that to the license page.
Automated start of sensor logging via command-line is also supported in the Pro version.
Thank you for the clarification, and sorry for complaining about what's apparently a niche use case. The HWiNFO software is great at what it does :)