z590 aorus ultra - vid/vr vout spikes


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Using the latest bios and using HWinfo v7.02-4430, I noticed large brief voltage spikes in both VID and VRVOUT as shown in the attached image.

At first I thought this was due to the beta bios as this does not happen with the original but after logging and making an alert, I noticed it only happens after having hwinfo on for many hours and once it happens, it will start to occur frequently. After this occurs, closing and then reopening hwinfo will now either crash or take a few minutes to open. All other monitoring software are also affected at this point.

Not even sure this is an HWinfo issue but just thought I'd report it in hopes of a fix.


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    Screenshot 2021-05-12 041345.jpg
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Based on the symptoms you provided it doesn't seem to be an issue in HWiNFO, those values read look correct even though a bit extreme.
But the crash after reopening HWiNFO is strange, it would be useful if you could provide HWiNFO Debug File of that situation so I can analyze why it happens.
I'm also leaning on this being a gigabyte issue more then HWinfo. I just thought it strange that this only starts occuring after several hours of use and it also causes instability with connecting to the sensors. But then again, it is gigabyte so anything is possible.
I unfortunately won't be able to provide the debug. I reverted the bios to release version just incase the readings are actually accurate.