Monitor CPU and GPU fan RPM on Clevo laptops

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Thanks, I'll add the W840AU too.

Hello again

I just tested new beta and there no fans and temp displayed incorrect.


Well, then I guess this model uses a different method. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to support it.


after restart fan is appear in software and looks like displayed values is correct


if i can help with anything about temp let me know.


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Hm, interesting.. so only the temperature is not OK. I'll leave the fan as is and remove the temperature then.

Could you enable fan monitoring for the W230SS? I'm hoping the offsets/method are the same.

I'm also wondering - how do you discover these offsets? In case these are the wrong ones, I'd love to try to find the correct ones, but I have no idea how!

Report and debug files attached.



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OK, I'll add this model too hoping that it works as the other ones.
I think the way how to determine those offsets has already been discussed here, though it's for advanced users - use a tool like RW-Everything and check the EC registers.
Thanks, I must've skimmed over the post mentioning RWEverything.

The W230SS is a single-fan model. D0/D1 show 0770-0775 while idling on automatic fan and around 01E5 on maximum - I'm not certain what RPM these represent, but the calculation method in the first post gives reasonable results. D2/D3 are 0.

07 seems to be related to CPU (& GPU?) temperature. It's 2C at idle and 61 under heavy load (Prime95, HWiNFO reports CPU core temps of 95-99 degrees C, package is 99 - I think idle was ~50, but cannot confirm at the moment). 0A/0B as suggested for a different Clevo model seem to be fixed at 0.

I've attached the EC dumps for idle and stresstesting states. Note that I had the fan manually set to maximum in the GPU test, but automatic in the other two. (Note: the original extension is .rw, but your forum won't let me attach that extension so I appended .txt. It's human-readable anyway.)


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Thank you for the detailed report! You also seem to have found another offset for temperature reading ;) Though I'm not sure whether this is the CPU internal temperature (read via PECI), or something else. I'll add reporting of those values in the next (Beta) build.
I just tried v4.63-2515 beta. It warns me about the EC sensor, and shows the "Clevo EC: Notebook W230SS" section, but the section is empty.
Elusive said:
I just tried v4.63-2515 beta. It warns me about the EC sensor, and shows the "Clevo EC: Notebook W230SS" section, but the section is empty.

In case your fan is not spinning you might not see it until it starts spinning. Also in case you have changed the order of sensor items, you might look at the bottom of the sensors list.
Huh. I just checked, and you're right: the fan wasn't spinning. Turns out the sound I've been hearing was the HDD.

I've never owned a laptop with a fan that doesn't spin *at all*. This is pretty cool :)

Anyway, HWiNFO appears to work as expected. Thanks!

Suggestion: it might be useful to show the sensor even if it's at 0 RPM, to make it obvious that the fan is not spinning? It's a bit unintuitive as it is right now. Though, it won't really affect me now that I know about this.
Yes, that would be useful, but the problem is that when the fan is not spinning (reports 0 RPM), there's no way how to know whether the fan is present and not spinning, or not present at all.
Otherwise, HWiNFO would display lots of 'dummy' fans.
I'm not sure how you've set up the code, so this might not be that simple, but if you're already special-casing on the model number then it should be safe to assume these specific models contain a fan?

Probably not worth it if that's a lot of work.
Hello all! First of all, thanks for the work! :)

Could you add the P650SE? Of course, assuming this one also works the same way as the others.

Thank you


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Thanks! I was using the RW utility and at registers D0 D1 and D2 D3 the values are about the same at idle load, and go up to about the same value (~4700 RPM after converting it as shown on the original post of this thread), so I assume it is the same as other Clevo laptops?
Also, registers D4 and D5 behave the same way. Further testing with the intel's XTU when stressing only the CPU I can confirm that D0 and D1 change value while the other remain idle.

From that I can say:

D0 D1 --->cpu
D2 D3 and D4 D5---> fans 1 and 2 for gpu

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the additional information. Yes, it confirms it's compatible with other Clevo models.
As for D4/D5, do you think this is an additional fan (other than D2/D3) ?
Also what values do you see at 0A/0B and 07 ?
No problem!
Yes, this laptop has three fans: one for cpu and two for gpu. In the attached image you can see this.
Now, which of the two adjacent fans do the registers D2 D3 or D4 D5 corresponds to, I am not sure, and most likely it doesn't matter, as when the gpu heats both of them speed up to the same value. However the fan correspoing to D2 D3 seems to be always spinning a little bit slower (~100 rpm) than the one at D4 D5, when at idle.

As for 0A/0B they are always at 00 00, no matter if I stress gpu and/or cpu.
At register 07, it appears to correspond to the package temp of the cpu. Converting the value in register 07 at different loads from octal, it matches the package temp in intel's XTU.


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Thanks for all tests, I'll add all information to the next Beta. Estimated release is tomorrow.
Bringing this on back from the dead as I too need to be able to read my fan speeds.

I have a Clevo P370SM3. Any help would be great! Thanks!

EDIT: Welp I just read the sticky saying that I am screwed. NM thanks for the almost help lol. Man I wish I could figure out how to monitor my gpu fans. This is crazy that there is no prog that will do it.